I love your glasses! Where did you get them?

We are so much more than meets the eye. We are truly spiritual beings living out a material existence in a unique classroom called the earth plane. Each and every person on the planet made a choice to incarnate, and we made the choice in order to advance our learning in some way.  

Before we came in, we chose a “set-up” to best support our desired goals. That “set-up” is a bit like glasses with fear lenses through which we see and interpret the world. Some of us are mostly afraid of being dominated by other people, or afraid that our bodies will betray us. For some, the earth itself seems like a very dangerous place. For others, it can feel unsafe just to be oneself. These fears with which we incarnated are like a pair of permanently attached reading glasses. They are also the foundation of our earthly learning curve – truly the gift that keeps on giving.

When we come to recognize our particular lens and see it in action, we have a marvelous opportunity to make some real headway. We can move those glasses down our nose a bit and see above the lens, giving us a moment to see more clearly what lies before us. We have to be reminded-- like, forever -- that we still have the glasses on, but this one trick will take us a long way down our road of discovery. Happy motoring!