A quick and easy holiday recipe

Serve hot or cold. Will feed multitudes.


4 x 3-5 lb. stones (half-bricks may be substituted)

2 x ½ lb stone (or similar)

1x large-ish pond or similar still body of water

Note: It is recommended to try this recipe on a windless day.

1.     Throw large stone or half brick at least 15 feet out into the pond. Observe ripples emanating from point of impact.

2.     After stillness has returned to water’s surface, throw second large stone or half-brick at least 15 feet out into the pond. Immediately after impact, throw small stone same distance out into pond, but approximately 20 feet away from large stone point of impact. Observe how ripples of small stone interrupt ripples of large stone, preventing their typical movement.

3.     Repeat exercise with one difference: Assign deeply disturbing identity to large stone, such as greed, hatred, shame or any daily headline from the New York Times. Assign to small stone the identity of your own desires for peace or your own efforts to better the world (or similar), even though you (like me) may constantly question whether you could possibly have any affect on today’s level of chaos and violence.

4.     After small stone is thrown, following proper sequence, observe how its ripples interrupt the ripples of the large stone, preventing its no-longer inevitable movement.

Note: Your work in the world absolutely lessens the ripples of chaos and violence.