Do you want to be taller, tanner, younger and thinner?

I can do that for you today!  (Some restrictions may apply.)

Actually, I might be able to help, but you will need some boots. I’m talking about...shit. Your shit, my shit, everybody’s shit. You gotta own your shit. (This theme seems familiar.)

We all know that, sooner or later, our shit hits the fan unless we’re ahead of the learning curve. And most of us are not ahead of the learning curve.

Owning our shit requires us to take a leap of faith: If we’re going to change up our game, we must accept that we can’t really know where the new rules will take us. And we might encounter some unintended consequences. The new regulations point us to what is directly in our path – this moment. Each one gives us the chance to look at our perceptions, our habits of thought and the distortions of those habits of thought, which lead us into shitty behaviors. It’s a bit like peeling an onion, sometimes complete with tears. It is a painful, glorious, frustrating, hilarious journey. But it’s worth it. One day you stand up and look back at the cocoon you just crawled out of, and you notice your beautiful new wings.

You might also discover that you do stand taller, and with luck, you’ll be thinner and your children might occasionally listen to you.