The blessings of our journey

I have found that one of my biggest obstacles to authentic action is trying to protect the feelings of another. Over and over I have to be reminded of two powerful truths:

·      I can’t know the path another has chosen to follow.

·      What truly blesses one truly blesses all.

These two teachings, which I hold to be true, can relieve one of a great burden

To the first point, each of us has made some choices concerning our evolutionary “goals” before we incarnate, and to some degree, we have chosen the format for that learning. So before we judge another's challenges as painful or unbearable, we might try to remember that only they can know their path. Only they can know what is right for them, and only they can walk their path. Our authentic choices cannot block or derail the journey of another, despite appearances

As for being blessed, call me crazy, but I simply cannot accept that a real blessing for one can truly injure another. It might push another further along their path. It might be just what the doctor ordered for growth, and it might look to us as if it hurts like hell. Conversely, it might feel to us that we hurt like hell. Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. The most powerful and supportive work we can do for us and the world around us is to daily make honest, compassionate choices for ourselves. Then keep breathing and go forward.